7 Science Backed Ways to Help You Reduce Your Weight

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If you have tough working schedule and are unable to find time for gym and fast food is your only eating option, health habits can pretty much go right out the window due to which you may put on too much weight. Remember that losing weight is no easy job.

In case you are looking for a way to reduce some weight, you have come to the right place. Given below are 7 scientifically approved steps you should include in your weight loss strategy.

Consume plenty of Water

In case you are trying to figure out the perfect drink for your diet plans note that there is nothing better than water out there. What water really does is, it makes you feel less hungry and since you feel less hungry you intake fewer amounts of calories.

Another advantage of drinking water is that it increases the amount of calories that are burned by just sitting around the whole day.

Consume Snacks

If you think missing out on snacks is going to help you get thin, you’re wrong. The reason is that, when you eat less your metabolism slows down. For the metabolism to functions properly a certain amount of calories is needed. So make sure you do not miss out on meals.


Studies have shown that missing out on meals during that day and then eating a lot at night may have negative results on your health such as late insulin response which can cause diabetes. So make sure you eat small meals with a few snacks in between.

Make sure you eat in the morning

If you think leaving out on breakfast in order to save appetite is a good idea then you are absolutely wrong. Do not make this mistake because if you skip breakfast there is a chance you end up eating more during lunch or breakfast thus resulting in you gaining weight instead of losing weight. It is advisable that you eat a good amount of breakfast with lots of proteins.

Fill-up the Fridge

Make sure you do not fill up your fridge with junk food. If you are looking to reduce weight then make it a point that you stock up your fridge with healthy food and proteins.


Make sure you keep a lot of fresh vegetables and as a backup plan to your fruit basket; you can store a few berries and other vegetables in the freezer. If you get food cravings, then you can go with diet pills like phen375 that help you inhibit your crazy late night cravings and avoid binge eating. The good thing about this is that since all the things are available at your home itself you won’t feel the need to eat out or order food. Another good thing is that healthy food will cost you less.

Do not rush for the 2nd serving

Often it happens that we rush for a 2nd serving once we are done eating for the 1st time. This is a wrong thing to do. Instead you should actually wait for some time before going for the 2nd helping because it takes time for your body to register fullness. You should wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes.


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Breast Actives – Breast Enhancement Program Review

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Breast Actives is a renowned natural breast enhancement program that has been used efficaciously by many women from all over the world to enhance their breasts and over all feminine beauty. This product is developed and manufactured by the company that has been in the industry of “health and beauty product” since 2002.

What makes Breast Actives program unique is, it works as a multilevel system to provide a progressive enhancement of breasts to its users. This system comprises of combination of three components – pills, cream and exercise program.

Read this unbiased review and get to know about Breast actives and how it can help you.

How does Breast Actives Work?

It is a three step breast enhancement program which works in the following way:

Breast Actives Pills – ingest one pill daily with water after the breakfast. This pill is made up of herbs that are rich in phytoestrogen, a hormonal active compound. When these pills are digested, the phytoestrogen in them is absorbed by the body. This activates a hormonal release which helps to grow new tissues that develops your breasts in volume.

Breast Actives Cream – take some cream on your fingers and massage it all over your breasts. This cream also consists of herbs rich in phytoestrogen which passed into your body in a transdermal way, going fast and effective into your blood stream. For the maximum effect cream should be applied right after shower because the heat of water makes the pores of body open and it makes the absorption process quicker and more effective.

Breast Actives Exercises – it is a very important part of this breast enhancement program that helps to maximize the results of pills and cream. This includes collection of self-massage techniques and workouts. Massage stimulates the supportive tissues, the lymph circulation and level of oxytocin which provide the shapely, firmer and toner breasts to the user. Other strength training exercises, tone up the Pectoralis muscles which are situated underneath the breast. When these pectoralis muscles strengthens, they lift the breast up make them look even perkier.

All these three components of Breast Actives together help the women to get larger perkier and fuller breasts. Massage techniques and exercise routine are described in the guide that comes with the Breast Actives package.

Pros of Breast Actives

A scientifically proven system which is very effective in enhancing the size shape and firmness of the breasts

Since it is made up of high quality herbs and natural ingredients it is risk free and cause no side effects.

Improves the skin health and provides nourishment and anti-aging effect to the dermatological aspect as well

It is cheaper and safer alternative to risky surgeries and hormonal treatment.

Can be purchased easily while sitting at your home by just going to their official website and ordering the product, manufacturers deliver the product all over the world

Product is delivered in plain brown box so that no one can know what is inside the box, therefore maintaining your privacy.

Cons of Breast Actives

For those of you who are seeking for quick results, this product is not for you. Let’s be realistic no natural and safe product can get you overnight results. You have to be patient and give it time to work (at least 3 months).

Women, who are pregnant or under some serious medication should avoid using it or should consult their health practitioner before using this product.

Brestrogen Reviews – Does it Really Work?

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You might want to watch this video review that we found over at BrestrogenXp.com.

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What is Brestrogen?

Brestrogen is a breast enhancement cream that boasts Pueraria mirifica as its main ingredient, which is a natural substance found in the north-eastern part of Thailand and is popularly used among the natives to maintain youthfulness in both men and women.

Technically, Pueraria mirifica is a phyto-estrogen which mimics the effects of oestrogen and thus promotes hormonal growth of your body. This is core concept on which Brestrogen actually works.

Now, there are a lot of alternatives to Brestrogen that you can go with. For example, Breast actives is one of the most popular alternative product that has been proven to enhance breasts in terms of size and shape.


However, Breast actives needs you to ingest oral medication i.e. breast enhancement pills which can lead to unwanted long term side effects. However, no side-effects have been observed, it is logical to assume that a applying cream is a much safer alternative to pills.

However, if you’re doubtful, whether Brestrogen is for you or not then here are 5 reasons why it might be just there right product for you.

1. It is safe and natural

This is the #1 concern for most pharmaceutical products.

While many of them can be effective, it is really necessary to make sure that your supplements/medication does not have any long term side-effects or negative implications.

2. It works at a hormonal level

This is key.

Brestrogen promotes hormonal growth of your body and thus the enhancement is natural in terms of shape, size, perkiness and lift.

And since the enhancement is on the hormonal level, the change is permanent.



3. It’s cheap

When you compare it to other alternatives like Breast Actives, Total Curve and even surgery, Brestrogen is one of the most affordable options you’ve got out there and thus is a proven bang for your buck in terms of results.

4. Ease of Use

The cream is really easy to use and apply and since you have to apply it twice a day, its a great thing that all you need to do is apply the cream on your breasts twice a day after your daily shower, till it gets absorbed.

It has a naturally pleasant smell and thus you can just apply it go about your day.

5. Results within 6 weeks

With Brestrogen, you get to see the results within 6 weeks of using it, which is a very good time period for an all natural product.

You can of course, get faster results with more risk-averse and expensive alternatives but I would go with a safer, cheaper option even when I have to work 6-8 weeks to see results but will save me the physical and mental pain.